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Science is fun

So I’m now about halfway through my second summer studentship, this one being the pilot study for my honours year.

And it’s amazing. So far removed from the tedium of preclinical medicine, I’m actually *doing* things, and, most importantly,thinking. Planning (and doing) research actually requires you to think, which is not something you really get much of a chance to do in the rote-learn-fest which is preclinical medicine.
And, because my research is very clinically based, I actually get to talk to real patients, rather than plastic OSCE ‘patients’. It’s a lot easier to care about real people. They’re also much, much more interesting to talk to.

I’ve also been able to go into theater with the anaesthetics team, sit in on pain management clinics, and assist in some pretty cool pain-relief procedures. Anaesthetics and pain medicine are really interesting fields, and I’m super glad I’m doing my honours year in them.

Basically though, I know most people aren’t as keen on research as me. And that’s cool. But I’d definitely recommend doing a summer studentship (or taking up other small research projects). You get a really good insight into how all of the science medical practice is based on is actually done. Some of it is solid, some of it… less so. You also get a chance to have a lot of one-on-one time with a supervisor, and most of the supervisors are really excited to have a student, which means they put a lot of effort into helping you out. This isn’t only good for making contacts, but it gives you a chance to talk to, in many cases, a senior clinician who isn’t your ‘boss’ per se.

tl;dr, Frooty likes research, and is super-excite about his upcoming honours year.
Much excite. So research. Many honours.