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The hitch-hiker’s guide to the MSO-iverse


Hello, and welcome to MSO! We’re a friendly bunch here, but we do like to keep things nice and tidy, as well as help out our new (and old!) members. In order to make it easier to find your way around this site, not only do we have an excellent search function (see the top right of your screen), but also this, the hitch-hiker’s guide to the MSO universe. This guide is designed to help you find some of the more useful/commonly used threads on MSO, but it is by no means going to contain everything this forum has to offer, and so if neither this guide, nor the search function answers your question, then please, ask away!
First, we’ll ask that you give the rules and guide to posting a quick look, as we try to maintain a professional, yet fun atmosphere on MSO, and it helps if all our members follow some reasonably simple rules and guidelines.
Next, if you feel so inclined, we invite you to introduce yourself, so that we can get to know you, and vice versa!

Now, the fun part: What are you looking for on MSO? We have all things medicine-related, from admissions advice/criteria, to what it’s like studying in a health field (and some tips!), to what happens after graduating

Undergraduate entry– If you’re looking to enter medicine as either a school leaver, or a non-standard entrant (that is, someone with a tertiary record applying to an undergraduate school), then this is the forum you’re looking for.
-Some FAQ in this forum: Which subjects should I take at school?, Which university should I study medicine at? (This may also help here, as might this), ‘What are my chances at uni X with score Y’, which can be answered by looking at the admissions articles for ruraland non-rural. The other articles will help you to find information about specific universities. We also have fantastic sub-forums for interview and UMAT discussion (There are even some practice UMAT questions!)

Graduate entryIf you’ve finished a university degree (or a few of them!), then this is likely the part of the forum you’re after. There’s the FAQ thread, and sub-forums for GAMSAT and interview discussion. Also, not to deter any of you from posting on MSO, but the PagingDr forum is a bit more graduate-entry orientated than MSO is, so you might find it useful as well.

New Zealand medical school entry​With everything from HSFYand OLY1 to graduate entry discussion, MSO has a vast depth of information relating to entry to the New Zealand medical schools, dispelling rumours surrounding the (at times rather opaque) NZ entry systems. (There’s even a guide for Australian students thinking about coming to NZ!). There’s also a great old wiki article on what to do if you don’t make it in through HSFY

The specific university forums (of which there is one for every medical school in Australia/NZ) can be found here. There’s also some useful threads such as the stethoscope discussion thread, the guide to transitioning the ranks in medicine, and plenty of other discussion threads.

Preclinical medicine- Still stuck in a lecture theatre? Then this is the sub-forum for you, with advice on which textbooks you might need, a question bank thread, and plenty of preclinical discussion threads.

Clinical medicineFor hospitally-related stuff, including a question bankthread, and plenty of other useful advice and discussion.

Right, now here, like the medicine forum, we have a whole heap of specific university forums, which can be found here. There’s already a guide to the dentistry forum, written by someone who knows far more about teeth-stuff than I do, so that will probably be of more use to you than anything I could write. But, there’s also threads like the question bank thread, and an admissions information thread, which will answer a lot of the more common questions!

Ok, now here we tend to get a plethora of ‘Uni X vs. uni Y, which will give me the better job opportunities/chance of getting into medicine/etc’ threads. Now you *could* spend hours going through all the individual threads, or you could use this thread, which answers many of these questions. There are also very useful threads outlining the job opportunities offered by advanced/medical science degrees, and a other discussion threads.

I’m afraid this section of the forum doesn’t get quite as much traffic as some of the others, but there’s a very good thread relating to pharmacy admissions, and some interesting discussion threads which may answer some of your questions.

Ok, unfortunately, like the pharmacy forum, these tend not to get quite as much traffic as, say, the medicine/dentistry forums. However, there are some very useful threads here, such as the back-up plan, a discussion on the allied health tsunami, and other more specific threads which may be of use.

Threads in these sub-forums tend to be quite specific to individuals/universities, however of particular note to potential international students is the internship prospects for internationals thread, which outlines some of the issues which face international students after graduating from Australian medical/allied health degrees.

The forum where any topic (within the rules 😉 ) goes, and popular threads include: Song you are listening to now, 10 random things about me, the exercise commitment thread, and muses gamethreads.

Complaints/compliments/administrative questions here.

MSO also has a blog feature, which all members are encouraged to use. We also have a private messaging feature for members with >5 forum posts (note that general discussion posts do not contribute to overall post count), a chat-room open to all members, and a chatbox for members with >50 forum posts. Members with <50 forums posts will have a 'junior member' bar, those with 50-500 posts will have a 'member' bar, and those with >500 posts will have a ‘regular member’ bar. ‘Senior member’ bars are by appointment only, and site moderators can be identified by a green bar (‘cept myself and Cathay, ’cause we’re ninja (ok, we’re just not cool enough :p )), and can be found here. Shizzy and isuru are the forum’s administrators, and their decision on any matter is final (although if you want to take a complaint to administrator level, you’ll be best to see Shizzy, he’s online a bit more often than the creator).
Once again, welcome to MSO, and we hope you enjoy yourself here, and become part of our community 😆