[h2]Background Information[/h2]
Melbourne is moving towards a North American medicine/dentistry model with their MD degree, similar to USyd. It is a 4 year post-graduate entry undergraduate medicine course. 2011 is the first year of entry for the new MD course, that has replaced the older 6 year MBBS course previously available for school leavers.

The most important aspect of applying to Melbourne’s post-graduate entry courses (MD and the DDS) are having completed the pre-requisite courses for Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology to be taken at a 2nd year level.

[h2]Important Dates[/h2]
Doctor of Medicine

Late Jan 2010 Closing date to register with GAMSAT Office at ACER to sit GAMSAT Early Feb 2010 Late closing date to register with GAMSAT Office at ACER to sit GAMSAT (additional late fee applies) Mid Mar 2010 GAMSAT held Early May 2010 GAMSAT results released, ACER online applications open Late May 2010 Closing date to register for last acceptable MCAT mid June 2010 Early Jun 2010 Closing date for applications from local students to be received by ACER
Late closing date to register for last acceptable MCAT mid June 2010 Mid Jun 2010 Last acceptable MCAT held (international applicants only) Late Jun 2010 Closing date for applications from international students to be received by ACER or International Admissions at the University of Melbourne. Late Aug 2010 Offers of interview made Sep/ Oct 2010 Interviews held Early Nov 2010 Offers of places made Late Jan 2011 Enrolment Feb/Mar 2011 Course commences

The new graduate program in Medicine will build on the bioscience knowledge of a prior undergraduate degree. Applicants for this course will have completed second-year anatomy, physiology and biochemistry subjects in their undergraduate course.

The prerequisite subjects are part of the core program of the Bachelor of Biomedicine course and are available as subjects in the Bachelor of Science course at the University of Melbourne.

Students from other universities will be required to satisfy the prerequisites. A list of recognised prerequisite subjects from other Australian universities can be found online.

Potential applicants can also ask for advice about prerequisites by contacting the Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Student Centre at [email][/email].

Selection Criteria

1. The Selection Committee will evaluate the applicant’s ability to pursue successfully the course using the following criteria:

An undergraduate degree in any discipline; studies to have been completed within the last 10 years; and
Successful completion of pre-requisite studies in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry consisting of at least one subject at second-year level of each. Prerequisites can be met by completion of the University of Melbourne Bachelor of Biomedicine or by successful completion of Principles of Human Structure, Integrative Human Physiology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (or equivalent subjects); and
Performance in the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) or for international students who are located overseas only, either the GAMSAT or the North American Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). All sections in the GAMSAT will be weighted equally.

2. The Selection Committee will shortlist applicants for interview on the basis of their performance in previous studies (GPA) and their results in the GAMSAT or MCAT. The shortlist will be 125% of the final number of students to be selected.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be measured by considering the last 3 years of the applicant’s undergraduate coursework studies (including Honours).
Weightings will be applied according to the approved Melbourne Adjusted Grade Point Average (MAGPA) calculations in force in any given year, or in the absence of any defined MAGPA, by weighting the first of the final three years by 1, the second year by 2 and the final year by 3.

3. Shortlisted applicants will undertake a Multi-Mini Interview (MMI).

4. Offers will be made on the basis of a combined ranked list where ranks by GPA, GAMSAT (or MCAT) and interview are given equal weighting.

5. Selection for students under special entry schemes will follow the general selection principles listed above but will also include for:

Rural cohorts (such as the Extended Rural Cohort): evidence of rurality, preferably from North-Eastern Victoria, will be required.
Indigenous Australian students: confirmation that of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent will be required.
Graduate Access Melbourne: consideration given to aspects of disadvantage as set out in the University’s Graduate Access Melbourne policy.

4. Guaranteed places: students applying for the MD from the University of Melbourne Bachelors of Science or Biomedicine and who met entry and course requirements for a guaranteed place, need only participate in the MMI and be deemed competent in communication suited to a clinical training program. More information about guaranteed entry is available online.

[h2]Entry Procedure[/h2] The first stage of applying to enter the MBBS Graduate Entry Program is to apply to sit the GAMSAT. Full details are in the GAMSAT information booklet which is available from the GAMSAT web site.

Applications from local applicants must be made via the GMAC Online Admission System.

For a guide to important dates please refer to our timeline for 2011 admission.

[h2]Number of Places[/h2]
Approximately 330 places will be available for the Doctor of Medicine course commencing in 2011, consisting of the following:

– Local (Aust citizens & permanent residents, NZ citizens) 250 places
– International full fee 80 places at max
The types of places that will be available, details and sub-quotas are still to be determined

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