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The UWS interview is one of 3 hurdles (GPA/ATAR, UMAT and interview) that local applicants are required to cross to be considered for a place in its 5 year Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery program. This article will focus on the interview component of admission and will therefore only briefly address the other two requirements briefly – further information can be found in greater detail in other “UWS MBBS Entry” series of articles found on MSO. This article will endeavour to function as a general overview rather than an indepth guide to this interview process for several reasons, MSO does not believe in corrupting the interview process therefore actual questions and scenarios will not be provided here, more accurate and more detailed information will be provided on the day in the preinterview briefing. It is suggested that this guide be used more as a stress reliever, so that you know what to expect on the day.

In general, the GPA/ATAR requirements differ every year but are always held at a threshold level which means that once you pass that mark it is no longer used to calculate the final entrance scores. This mark is used only to attain an interview with the UWS School of Medicine. The UMAT mark is weighted in terms of rawr section scores, S1 + S2 +(S3)/2 = UWS weighted score. For example, if I received a mark of 60 in S1, 58 in S2 and 54 in S3 this would mean that my weighted mark was 60 + 58 + 27 = 145. Applicants who achieve the required minimum ATAR score and UMAT raw score are invited to attend an interview. There are about 300 people interviewed for a total of about 100 places. The interview is worth 66.6% of the applicants final rank with the weighted UMAT score comprising the rest of the marks.

How will I receive my interview offer?

In the past, applicants have received their interview offers in the email they provide to the UWS SoM. Within this email is an official invitation and a comprehensive information pack regarding the interview and interview process. You will be given the opportunity to book a preferred time for your interview online within certain time periods.


What is an MMI
The UWS School of Medicine has followed the Multi-station Mini Interview (MMI) format since its inception. In general this involves a series of stations that are intended to assess a variety of desirable skills such as empathy, communication, stress and coping skills, teamwork, ethics, the person of the doctor etc. as well as traditional queries about motivation to study medicine and a candidate’s background. Essentially, this interview examines exactly the same qualities which are sought after by panel and other styles of interviews used by other Medical Schools. However, this style of interview is favoured by UWS because of its ability to dilute the chances of interviewer/situational bias as well as being nearly impossible to “study” for.

In 2008, there were 8 different stations (8 min each) with 8 different interviewers. It is thought that this will reduce the impact of ‘easy’ or ‘hard’ interviewers.

In 2009, there were 10 different stations with 9 different interviewers, 8 minutes per interviewer with a rest stop at the tenth.

In 2010, there were 10 stations (8 min each) and 9 interviewers, a rest stop at station 10. MMIs were held at the University of Western Sydney’s Campbelltown Campus. Tuesday 30 November to Friday 3 December 2010.

In 2011, MMIs were held at the Campbelltown Campus with a weighted mark of roughly 155 UMAT required to receive an interview for a non-GWS applicant.

A supplementary round of interviews will be held in late January 2011 for Interstate applicants, plus those applicants who meet the ATAR threshold but whose predicted ATAR did not. Whilst January interviews will not be available to applicants who are unable to attend the December interviews, interstate applicants may choose to attend the December interviews if eligible.

Applicants who are invited to attend an interview but who fail to attend at the specified date, time and location will be regarded as having withdrawn their application. Only those candidates who have attended an interview will be considered for final selection.

What to expect on the day

  • Download the campus map from the UWS website the night before

    • Nothing worse than being lost and flustered on the day of the interview

  • Arrive and hour or more early

    • This reduces the chance of traffic delay on the M7/M5 freeways and gives you the opportunity to relax and explore the campus before you interview

  • Go to the designated admin building on time

    • Here you will present your photo ID and interview confirmation slip

  • Chillax in the lobby of the admin building or watch a movie in the theatre

    • You’ll have the opportunity to talk with some of the volunteering current students, don’t worry they don’t bite too hard :p
    • Don’t forget to munch on some of the free candy

  • Attend the pre-interview briefing

    • Attend the briefing in the theatre attached to the admin building, here you will be given some information regarding the following interview and you will be given the opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have.

  • Interview time!

    • You will split into two groups then be escorted into a Doom Fortress and you will do the interview 1 station at a time. (Just kidding its really just a regular building)

  • Post interview debriefing

    • You will be escorted into yet another normal looking building and placed in a rather small room for debrief
    • A member of staff will be there to talk to you about some of your experiences while you complete a bunch of surveys
    • A few current students might be there to talk about their experiences at UWS and the MBBS course and this is a really good opportunities to ask questions.

  • You are now free to leave and panic at home.

    • The foetal position recommended for those who love sitting in the corner of darkened rooms


UWS Course Description
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Contact Details

Postal Address
School of Medicine
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School Enquiries
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Course Enquiries
Australian Students
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International Students
Tel: + 61 2 9852 5499
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Manager of Medical School Admissions
Ms Lyndal McCulloch
Ph: (02) 9852 4630
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Email: [email protected]

Student Support Officer, School of Medicine
Ms Penny Lee
Ph: (02) 9852 4632
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If you have any questions about the application process for UWS that have not been answered feel free to ask questions in any of the many threads related to applications or start a new thread if your question hasn’t been answered elsewhere.