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Med Students Online (MSO) is a community dedicated to prospective, current and past medical, dental, and allied health students in Australian and New Zealand. We acknowledge entry into these incredibly competitive degrees can prove challenging. While preparation courses exist, they are not accessible to all applicants. We position our forum as a free resource for all, regardless of financial status or geographical location. We aim to guide individuals in all aspects of the journey to qualified health professional; from navigating the application process, through to supporting their study and the early stages of their career.

Our forum primarily exists as a platform for knowledge exchange between experienced individuals and those in the process of completing their applications. Despite this, MSO remains mindful there is more to life than study. Honouring this belief, we strive to provide an accessible social environment for our diverse membership base to share experiences and develop enduring friendships.

More about MSO: Annual Welcome and Important Information | MSO Rules

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