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Doubt we would be able to give an accurate prediction. However, going off previous invite data 2020 Entry Interview Invites - Collated (DATA ONLY) it appears slightly higher than a 90th was the lowest reported that didn't have a monash guarantee. Before that the year before had a lowest reported of 80th 2019 Entry Interview Invites - Collated

for local victorians, what is the round 1 interview cutoff for ucat most likely going to be for UCAT? any rough predictions?

I'd say for a round 1 interview the UCAT scores required may be slightly higher than last years 90th. Those with 90th or thereabouts will probably end up getting round 2 interview offers as long as their ATARs are high enough of course.


Do u think 91%ile (2950) with mid 99s atar may be round 1 (I already have my atar as I'm on a gap year)
Round 1 interview offers are based solely on UCAT so no matter how good your ATAR is it isn't going to be taken into account (I'm pretty sure, pls correct me if I'm wrong). Since this is the first time being done, its going to be really hard to say. However, even if you don't get a round 1 offer you are very likely to get a round 2 offer as a Victorian with a high ATAR and 90+ UCAT.


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Not sure if monash gaurantee will help with round 1 interviews, as they are solely based on UCAT. But since MG essentially means a small sub-quota for students, I think the UCAT requirements for first round for kids with MG should be a little lower. If not, then MG will only apply to round 2 interviews...


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Do u think 91%ile (2950) with mid 99s atar may be round 1 (I already have my atar as I'm on a gap year)
Chill, you're basically guaranteed to get an interview regardless. Offers come out at the same time for everyone, you won't be missing out on anything in the event of a second-round interview.
Thanks! Haha yeah, i just thought round 1 was better than round 2 (as in more likely yo get in with round 1 interview), but it seems like they are exactly the same


Hi guys, do you reckon 95%ile (3050) with 97.25 atar will be enough for an interview? I'm asking for a friend. Thanks


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