Bond Bond Medicine: Psychometric Test and Interview Overview


Shadowing is a great thing to talk about ! def try integrate it into your answers. for eg if the question is about teamwork you can talk about how the quality is something that is crucial to be a successful healthcare professional and how it is integral to providing the patient with the best possible care. An example of when you were part of a healthcare team or observed one was when you shadowed a dr at so and so ward etc etc. So dont make your experiences the focal point of your answer, show your critical thinking but also show how you are able to relate important qualities to healthcare via your experiences.

Or if you have not done any healthcare volunteering you can still talk about how you were in a uni society/ debate team in highschool/ sports whatever and how a particular experience in that team made you realise how important teamwork is and how you realise that working towards a common goal is very important within a healthcare team and without that you cannot provide your patient with the best possible heath outcomes.

Sorry for the word vomit hehe hope this helps tho :))

Keep the questions coming guys! keen to answer any and all questions you have !
Hi are you from Perth? I am from Perth too. This year done the Bond Med interview and awaiting for results And nervous. How can I send you a e mail or get your contact