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Its quite hard, I felt confident until the very last question, then bombed it 😅😅😅
The interviewers were lovely though! Good luck to those with an interview tomorrow! 😁
Yoo just did mine exactly the same first ones were good and then last question got me good :p


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2021 Entry CSU Interview Questions

Thank you very much to those that PMed me with their questions! Greatly appreciated. I've copied each of my PMs below, though it appears the same question set was used for all candidates.

1: what qualities should a good dentist have and why?
2: what members should a team have? Give an example of working in a team
3: scenario about a friend who wants to use a dual monitor to cheat for his final exam
4: what issues are present for a dental graduate from a metropolitan area who goes on to work in a rural area?
5: they said this phrase (I asked them to repeat it like 3 times since I couldn’t understand the lady) and what it means to me in terms of my personal experiences- yindyamarra winhanganha, meaning the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in

1. What are the skills involved in being a good dentist? (the follow up to this was what are physical traits that are necessary)
2. Give an example of a situation where you worked in a team and what was your contribution?
3. Your friend is contemplating cheating for an upcoming closed book exam in order to avoid a low mark, what would you do?
4. What are some of the challenges a new dentistry graduate might face working in a regional part of Australia?
5. You were told an Indigenous proverb about living with content and gratitude and you were asked how that related to you about living in a community?

1. What are some of the qualities needed to be a good dentist? What qualities do you have that would make you a good dentist?
2. Your friend says that they are going through a tough time in their life and a good mark on the upcoming online, closed book exam would be very helpful in cheering them up. They are considering using a dual-monitor setup to cheat on the exam. What would you do?
3. The interviewer read out a phrase in an Indigenous language, and translated it to English for us. I can't remember exactly what it was, but it was something along the lines of "We must have wisdom to respectfully live successfully on our land, both local and foreign".
Actual Q: What does this phrase mean to you, and how does it relate to you in terms of some of the communities you are involved in?
4. What are some qualities needed for a group/team to work successfully? Do you have any examples from your own life where you have implemented these qualities to overcome challenges as a team?

1: Skills involved in being a dentist.
2: Example of teamwork u were in - what role do you usually feel you are in.
3: Scenario - friend has personal problems - wants to cheat - what do you do
4: Problems encountered - urban graduate dentist moving to rural area.
5: How do you interpret this indigenous quote (trasnlated to english): The wisdom of knowing how to live well, in a world worth living in.


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